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Closed Support classes and work with children in the rural area of Ecuador

Support volunteer work with children in the rural Areas of Ecuador: english classes, creative work, sports, alimentation, supply of families

A. Rundholz from Welthaus Bielefeld e.V.Write a message

Ecuador, the fourth poorest country of Latinamerica, is controlled by a great economic disparity.
While life in the cities is becoming more modern, the population of the rural area lives from agriculture.
Especially in the little "communidades" there is a large financial poverty and most families have no access to clean water, electricity or education.
"Visión Mundial", also known as "World Vision", is a non-governmental Organisation which aims the social advancement and the humanitarian help.
In Chillanes, a small canton placed in the ecuadorian Andes, a team of nine men and women is working in the economical development and the improvement of the living conditions. There are five different areas in which the organisation works: health, economical improvement, alimentation, education and agriculture.
My work as a volunteer mostly takes place in the sector of education.
I work in a couple of schools as an english teacher because even though English is part of the curriculum, there is a lack of English teachers.
Most of the children do not know where to go after school, so I decided to start something like a course, where they can do their homework, paint, play or do sports and where I offer them the chance to speak to someone if they have problems, because unfortunately physical and psychological violence is a big problem.
A lot of them feel good to do sports or creative works, because it calms aggressions and improves skills like team spirit and responsibillity.
Furthermore I give computer courses, help to supply the families with food or ropesworking in a kindergarten, and in the futue I will work in the areas of sustainable agrigulture and environmental education.
As a part of the voluntary service "weltwärts", I will work and live with World Vision in the village Chillanes (8.000 inhabitants) for one year. Previously I participated in various seminars, which were organized by "Welthaus Bielefeld", the Organisation with which I am here in Ecuador.
"Weltwärts" gives not only the chance to engage in a social project, its aim is to promote the exchange of cultures and to sentisize the volunteer and his social environment to themes like racism, poverty and global relationships.
The BMZ (federal ministry for economical collaboration and development) pays 75 % of the cost, the volunteer has to collect donation to get the left 25 %. By doing so the project and the idea of social engagement becomes public.
Donators receive constant reports, in which they are informed about the progress and simultaneously have the chance to get to know to Ecuador and its culture.
Every little donation counts!

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