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DLRG-Foundation - We need your help!

A project from DLRG-Stiftung Schleswig-Holstein
in Eckernförde & Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

The nonprofit DLRG-Foundation Schleswig-Holstein promoting DLRG work, so all facilities, activities and tasks of the DLRG in Schleswig-Holstein to an end. - Top of the list is always the fight against death by drowning!

T. Wolfhagen
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About this project

The DLRG is a reliable partner for the people of Schleswig-Holstein. - In addition to water rescue it provides critical services in the social and youth work.
The DLRG in Schleswig-Holstein would be a reliable partner for locals and visitors in terms of water security in the future. To protect our work financially, we need your help!

The founding of the non Schleswig-Holstein DLRG foundation was decided by the main meeting of the National Association DLRG SH in October 2010. After building up a sufficient capital stock, which was necessary for establishment in the fall of 2011, she first worked as a fiduciary foundation under the umbrella of the founders of the Community Savings Bank funding.

The purpose of the Foundation is to promote all facilities, activities and tasks of the National Association DLRG in Schleswig-Holstein and its organizations that serve the fight against death by drowning.

However, while on one hand the demands and requirements of our volunteer instructors, lifeguards and emergency personnel, the recruitment and the technical material to rise, the state of Schleswig-Holstein has fewer opportunities to support the water rescue material.

To protect our important work financially in the long term, we need your help. Please support the development of our foundation!
Anyone can become peacemakers, without a large fortune to invest. Your donation or endowment is a future-proof investment in the important work of DLRG in Schleswig-Holstein.