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Closed The Eco-solution Expedition

A project from Institute of Permaculture EcoVida São Miguel
in West champaran, Bihar, India

Construction of Dry Toilet at Barefoot College, India

M. Mattos
M. Mattos wrote on 23-09-2013





In the beginning of september we visited this amazing project on the Eco-solution Expedition. Barefoot College is located in Rajasthan, India, in a semi-desert area. The communities of this region live with the problem of water scarcity and open defecation.

During our visit we made a presentation on “Eco-sanitation systems and solutions” to members of Barefoot College and from the community.

After this workshop and some meetings, together we decided about the implementation of a Dry Toilet system, which has being used in other parts of India and incorporates the cultural need of a compartment for washing after use, since toilet paper is not used. This will help the acceptance of this new model of toilet, since the Dry Toilet brings a new concept on its use.

The Dry Toilet system is a very interesting solution, specially for a place with scarcity of water like Rajasthan.

Now we are working on a material about the construction, use and maintenance of the Dry Toilet System in Rajasthan-India.

We wish this eco-solution keep spreading around that place as a way to save safe drinking-water!!

To support new constructions of the Dry Toilet in Rajasthan, contribute to the project The Eco-Solution Expedition!

Dry Toilets at Barefoot College, Rajasthan
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