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Funded Sangamam-Placepalayam/Thomur/CSI Schools in Tamil Nadu, India

Placepalayam, India

Funded Sangamam-Placepalayam/Thomur/CSI Schools in Tamil Nadu, India

Placepalayam, India

Placepalayam is a remote village in Tamil Nadu. The primary school does not have the toilet facilities for the girl children. This projects aims to construct the facility.

S. Morthala from Asha for Education  | 
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About this project

The Placepalyam school is located in a remote village in the Thiruvallur district, about 70 kms from Chennai, the capital of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is the last stop for busses going that direction because of the Eastern Ghat hills that are behind it. Behind the hills it is Andhra Pradesh. These hills have remains of paleolithic adi-dravidar settlements from several thousand years ago.

Since 2006, Asha Chennai has been working with Placepalayam school to improve the facilities and strengthening the schooling system. They provided additional teacher for primary school as there were not enough teachers. They also provided faciltiies like library, educational materials, stationary, computer lab, teacher trainings etc. The primary school has total 65 children out of that 32 are girls.

Currently the primary school does not have toilet facilities for girl children, which leads to inconvenience and in some cases girls dropping out of the school. So we took up this project to construct the toilets. Our partner Asha Chennai will oversee the construction and monitor the project.
Updated at 26. January 2016