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Closed King-Code / peer-teaching-project in Berlin

A project from Treffpunkt Heinrichstrasse e.V.
in Berlin, Germany

The King Code is a multimedia youth project that deals with the visit of Martin Luther King in 1964 in Berlin. Youths from two schools (Wedding and Pankow) to make the search and meet witnesses.

D. Schmöcker
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About this project

The King-Code is a multimedia educational youth program, that centers around Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s 1964 visit to both sides of the then divided Berlin. Students from two schools (Wedding and Pankow) are working together to discover traces of this historic visit, which continued to impact German society through the peaceful reunification of Germany in 1989. The students get to know each other and overcome barriers of selective educational systems. The search is framed and grounded with numerous anti-racial behavior workshops, musical workshops, traveling exhibitions, King-Show, Sponsor solicitation, dance workshops, artistic studios. Additional information available at

Every student has an opportunity to get up close and personal with Nobel Peace Prize winner and american civil rights activist Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. throughout the world have become inspired by his engaging “I Have A Dream” speech. Unfortunately, most history books do not adequately document and chronicle the rich traces of his footprint that he left in our city. The King-Code kids are up to task of revealing the political and historical concealments that that the grownups have left in the dust.

Clever Kids utilizing smartphone technology.
Most of today’s kids have access intenet capable smartphones. The King-Code kids are stream real-time bytes of educational materials. With the application of QR Codes, the King-Code kids engage in their treasure hunt throughout Berlin. The clues that they find contain further QR codes that give them immediate information about historical landmarks such as the Marienkirche, Checkpoint Charlie, and Waldbühne Theater. In addition to short texts, pictures and audio sequences provide short film documentation and interviews with eyewitnesses are also streamed in realtime.

The innovation of the project lies in its development that is formulated and controlled by the King-Code kids themselves. They see things from their own fresh perspective faster than the adults because they are more adept with the technology. Aside from the technical aspect of the realization of the Martin Luther King, Jr. homepage theme, there is a dynamic interface through which the King-Code Kids can help condition themselves to weed out racism, inequality, and violence in favor sowing the seeds of peace, respect, and connectivity in each other. By learning to root out and compost this kind of hatred from society’s petrified egoistic walls, what is left spiritual subrate for enriching Dr. King’s Promised Land vision for the rest of us. The King.- Code kids are determined and committed not only to learn from the past, but to make a better tomorrow. Berlin has a tradition of intrigue. While the grownups are busy microwaving each other’s brains out, the king-code kids remain committed to transforming the global groundswell into Dr. King’s Promised Land.

Patrons : Dr. Wolfgang Thierse / SPD und Peter Kloeppel /RTL-television