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Funded Improving water and power supply for schools in Ma

By improving the water supply and establishing a constant power supply for a primary and secondary school in Chikhosi (Malawi) the living condition of the local population and educational quality of the area will be improved.

Philipp S. from Ingenieure ohne Grenzen e.V.Write a message

The Chambala Primary and Secondary School in Chikhosi is located approximately 100km from the capital of Lilongwe in the heart of Malawi. The country, ranked 171 of 186 in the Human Development Index, is one of the least developed countries in the world. The average duration of schooling of the adult population is currently 4.2 years, with 80 students in one class in school being no rarity.

The schooling complex, in which up to 800 students can be taught, was newly built by the charitable abc-Association headquartered in Essen. It lies a long distance away from the nearest infrastructure and the needs for light and water can currently only be fulfilled insufficiently due to its geographical location. The school has its own well which, however, only supplies little water. Since the older children often need to work in the fields during the day, it is planned that the lessons of the Seconday School should take place until roughly 22:30 pm.

Our project has set itself the goal to improve the school’s water supply and to develop a strategy to improve the electricity and light supply together with the local authorities. For this, the causes of these deficiencies will be examined during an exploration phase and coordinated with the ideas and competences of those in need. The aim is that renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic will ensure the electricity supply.

On the basis of enquiries and direct contact carried out up to now, the water supply can be improved by the construction of rain water cisterns or the pumping from a river about one kilometer away. All the equipment needed (e.g. solar modules, pump, etc.) is to be purchased in the region to strengthen the local economy. For this, contacts with local suppliers will be established during the exploration phase.

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