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Funded kindergarten classroom

A project from Hilfe für Kwale District e.V.
in Kwale, Kenya

Please help us to give the children a new kindergarten classroom. The old one is to small.

Rainer B.
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About this project

Since 2008 there were 3 kindergarden class-rooms, 5 primaryschool class-rooms, the teachers’ office, 1 first aid and stock room, 1 fountain (65 m deep), sanitary facilities for students and teachers and now also a big kitchen, where the food for more than 500 students is being cooked, build on the grounds given by 2 families from Pengo for the construction of the Bwagamoyo Nursery School and also given by the Sabrina Primary School.

Up to now children ate in the shadow of an old mango-tree next to the old cooking-shelter. They either sat on trunks of palm-trees or just on the ground. The mango-tree is good for sun-protection but dropping fruits are dangerous on the other hand. What is more important is that the leaves are no protection from rain.

For the reasons just mentioned and other we decided that the construction of a food-hall is highly useful. We designed the hall for 300 children even though there are 350 children in Pengo, who visit school. But we assume that the child, who received his/her meal first, will be done eating when child number 301 has his/her turn.

Next to using the hall for eating, the hall can also be used for Education Days, Health Action Days, Parents’ committee, and many other meetings and events of the community. The school could also rent the hall for big celebrations like marriages.

The building will not have a wall but still costs will be about 10,000 Euro. The floor area will be 12 x 14 Meter. The corrugated roof (we decided for this material and not for the more beautiful Makuti for safety reasons) demands robust pillars to make sure the roof will not break in a strong storm.

For sure, we also need your help for this project. Please help us, so we can offer the children from Pengo a good, safe hall to eat, for breaks and events, which is also a place that the community can use for multiple purposes.

Every Cent counts!