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Women's spaces - Cross-cultural encounters

A project from Commutas e.V.
in Berlin, Germany

Women's spaces - a cross-cultural exploration for more diversity and curiosity in everyday life

J. Heise
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About this project

What connects a German, a Turkish, a Nigerian, a Polish and a Brazilian Woman?
Despite the high density of different life realities in Berlin, there is only little contact and interaction between women of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds. In order to expand such intercultural experiences, from 2014, Commutas e.V. wants to offer a monthly women's meeting space.

We want to set up an intercultural and cross-religious meeting space to 25 women from diverse cultural backgrounds, in which they actively engage with their own feminine life reality, their self-image as well as with the diverse realities of other women.

We want to recognize and challenge cultural stereotypes and create a space where women encourage each other, despite or even in their diversity - using inputs, discussions and group exercises.

In this, we see a direct contribution to civil conflict prevention and the active participation of women in the design of a socially responsible community, though the elimination of prejudice and the active experience of diversity.