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Closed Safe House Mattisburg Hamburg

traumatised children, sexual abuse, children,

B. Wilkens from Stiftung "Ein Platz für Kinder"Write a message

We help traumatised children. We opened special shelters where these children are given a loving welcome and a thorough diagnosis. These Children come into the Shelters with long history’s which are not normal for children.
Our job at the shelter is to find out what the children have suffered, based on their own symptoms and with the help of child psychologists and trained personnel. As a result, by closely liaising with the authorities concerned, we can find appropriate facilities to take in the children after their stay at "Mattis Castle".
The German Youth Welfare Office sends us children aged between four and twelve who have been abused or mistreated in their family environment. These children remain silent about their experiences, are often aggressive and extremely disturbed. The "Mattis Castle" shelter can accommodate up to ten children who usually spend six months there.
The Aim of the Foundation “Ein Platz für Kinder ( A place for children) is to establish in Germany and Europe these Shelters. And to close a gap of system with these special shelters. The first House is based in Hanover, Lower Saxony, followed by Hamburg. The next shelter will be based in Munich, Frankfurt and Leipzig.
We are also making sure refurbishments are carried out, equipment is purchased and therapeutic sessions, such as art weeks or riding therapy, are carried out in the holidays.

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