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Blocked Help 3 sisters & Mimi stay safe in the boarding house

Subotica, Serbia

Blocked Help 3 sisters & Mimi stay safe in the boarding house

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Ariel, Ava, Astra, Casper and Mimi are dogs rescued from the brink of death, currently in the boarding house where they are learning to trust humans and act like puppies. Please share them for homes and donate towards their boarding expenses.

A. Sreiber from A. SreiberWrite a message

Ariel, Ava, Astra, Casper and Mimi are 5 dogs rescued from the brink of death.

(IN ADOPTION PROCESS) Mimi was living on the countryside abandoned and alone. A woman took her to her apartment hoping she will find a home for her soon. Since finding forever homes for the street dogs is not easy at all, after a week of having her she decided to call dog-catchers to take her away. That would mean a certain death for her and we couldn’t have let that happen. She was placed in the boarding house and is up for adoption. She is 6 months old, very goofy and playful. She still needs to be vaccinated and spayed.

Ariel, Ava & Astra are three sisters found also abandoned on the countryside. They were kicked out from a car while being only 3 months old. A woman who took them in made things even force. She hasn’t fed them properly, they were not given any attention, and with lots of fleas and ticks they ended up abandoned again when that woman moved and left them behind (along with other dogs on the property). They are currently placed in the boarding house with Mimi and they need to be vaccinated and spayed. Currently Ariel and Astra are a bit shy and fearful, while Ava is more outgoing and joyful.

(ADOPTED) Casper is the only boy in this crew. He wasn’t meant to be rescued as nobody knew where this dog came from. He appeared out of nowhere and seeing him all matted on +35 Celsius degrees, he had to be saved, too. So, on the mission to rescue 3 sisters we ended up with this little guy also. He is the most easy-going dog, very friendly and loves to be loved. He is not vaccinated or neutered.

Update, November 2013. - All dogs are vaccinated against rabies and contagious deceases, micro-chipped, cleaned from external and internal parasites and spayed. Mimi is waiting to travel to her new home as soon as the documentation is completed, while sisters are still waiting for adopters. Mimi is currently in the boarding house, while sisters are placed in the shelter.

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