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Syria - direct humanitarian aid for Syria

A project from Barada Syrienhilfe e.V.
in Reyhanli, Turkey

Syria - direct humanitarian aid

F. Khoury
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About this project

Help us by donating for the victims of the Syrian conflict!

Barada Syrienhilfe is a charity relief organization which provides immediate and direct humanitarian aid for the victims of the Syrian crisis. Our goal is to provide humanitarian and medical help through our personal network within Syria. The cultural and religious diversity of Syria is mirrored in our concept: “Christians and Muslims – Hand in hand together for Syria”.
The humanitarian situation in Syria is catastrophic: over 4 million interior refugees have lost their existence, other parts of the infrastructure are destroyed. 70% of all of the hospitals in Syria can’t function anymore. Large relief organizations such as the International Red Cross do not reach the areas where the need is the greatest. However, the people are reliant on direct, unbureaucratic help.

For the distribution of the aid, we trust our broad personal network within Syria. The handover of the aid at the Syrian-Turkish border is accompanied by a member of our organization.
In addition to our direct work for refugees through the construction of a school in a refugee camp in northern Syria (, we are concentrating our efforts on emergency medical and humanitarian help in the particularly badly hit regions of Syria. These areas are essentially isolated from international help.

In this year we have been able to bring, for example, four trucks containing medical equipment, baby food and further aid to Syria in addition to a convoy of ambulances. We were able to reach the cities of Homs, Hama, Ghouta/Damascus, Idlib and Deir Ezzor.

With your donation, you can help us to continue our medical and humanitarian support. With a small donation you can contribute towards sending medication to a field hospital, which is urgently required or help us to support a refugee family with food or baby food.
You can find out more about our work at : or
Thank you for your support !