Funded 275 Subsistence Farmers ICT Agricultural Project

An aid project by “PRACTICAL ASSOCIATION (PRACASS)” (G. Namuene) in Buea, Cameroon

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G. Namuene (Project Manager)

G. Namuene
Started 2003 its training rural/urban poor subsistence farmers on intensive organic-mix farming/market gardening, ICT (Mobile phones/SMS & Computers/Internet) & climatic remedies.

Project benefactors 275 farmers (215 females/60 males average age 35) from; cell phones/computers knowledge, ICT, intensive organic mix-farming/market gardening & climatic remedies.

Benefit from agriculture/ICT education/training, improve yields, ICT/internet knowledge, easy marketing, documentation, communication, future website etc

Challenges; Lack of sustainable ICT training center, farm equipments (trucks, wheelbarrows, motor bikes) and staffs/volunteers allowances.

Donation shall create sustainable ICT training center, pay bills, allowances, buy ICT/farm equipments, accessories and advertise/market produce.

Workers 07.

Future plan creating; ICT training center, more phone booths, Cooperative Credit Union, jobs, warehouse & expand network.


Sales of; Demonstration farm produce, Farmers donations, kiosks benefits, appeal letters.

ICT training center, ICT maintenance/repairs/installations, documentation/internet services, increased kiosks, algae exportation.

50 farmers have been trained, communication and farm yields improved.

Project Awards
2007 GK3 Conference, Malaysia. Reference; Yin Peng Leong;

2008 Stockholm Challenge Reference; Ulla Skiden;

2008 Peace Child’s 4thWYC Quebec Canada, reference;

2009 1st in innovation in Young Professionals and Women in Science Competition Ref; Judith Francis

More information:

Location: Buea, Cameroon

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