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Family support in case of emergency

A project from Deutscher Kinderschutzbund Heidenheim e.V.
in Heidenheim, Germany

Family sponsors help families in a temporary emergency with childcare or household organization. The volunteers are prepared for their task and get regularly trained.

B. John
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About this project

Our family sponsors help a few hours a week in a family with babies or small children. They play with them, help with the household management and give advice on organizational issues. They are competent supporters in everyday and educational matters. Especially families with newborns or with several small children get huge benefit from the help of our sponsors, even in the case of illness or other distress. 

The volunteers are trained for their task and get regularly supported. The need is great. Unfortunately, we can't fit all inquiries. Therefore, we want to train more volunteers for this important task. 

For the help does not become an additional burden, the assignments are free.  
Therefor we depend on donations for every family assignment.

Please help us with it!

Take on a "sponsorship" for a family or donate to the education of other sponsors. Every amount is welcome!