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Cycle to School

Jinja, Uganda

Cycle to School grants students access to affortable and durable bicycles to decrese drop out rate and improve results in school.

Georg S. from First African Bicycle Information Organisation
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This project focuses on the mobility constraints faced by young people in accessing educational facilities, particularly boys and girls in rural secondary education in Uganda. By providing bicycles, it is aimed at decreasing the drop out rate of secondary students so as to provide a better starting position for better livelihood after finishing school. Given the various challenges faced in sub Saharan Africa that include effects of climate change, abject poverty and insecurity, education is key for a bright future for any child. The project is expected to be run on a credit initiative in partner schools where Bikes will be provided to students after an agreed initial payment and then pay the rest of the bike costs in monthly installments as the student uses the bike to access school in time. creation of school cycling clubs will also be part of the management of the cycle to school project within (the various) schools. As the project progresses it is envisaged that FABIO will enroll on more schools to benefit from the cycle to school bicycle credit initiative.