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Music in the Slums

A project from Hoffnungsklänge e.V.
in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

With music, the Rocinha Music School opens the door to a better world for children and young people in the largest slum in Rio de Janeiro.

Hans Ulrich K.
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About this project

The association Hoffnungsklänge e.V. looks after the Rocinha music school in one of the largest slums in Rio de Janeiro, the Rocinha. The people there live in a socially deprived area with a still powerful presence of the drug cartels, which act brutally in the context of the distribution struggles. Politicians are powerless against this and fail to offer at least the children in the Rocinha fair opportunities to break out of the vicious circle of poverty, discouragement and violence. 
In this environment, the Rocinha Music School has been a hopeful rock in the surf of violence and criminal energy for 27 years now. There the children experience affection and appreciation and, through their love of music, recharge their batteries and self-esteem, which is repeatedly strengthened in the public appearances of our ensembles and choirs. 
We are particularly proud of the fact that 11 particularly talented students are now working as mentors in the music school and that many others have found their way into a self-determined life. 
These successes spur us on to expand our offer, on the one hand in the Rocinha itself, but also in other favelas, in order to give many more children the chance to discover their talents. 
The Brazilian authorities praise the Rocinha Music School, but are not prepared to provide the necessary financial resources. That is why our association collects donations to support this valuable work.