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Funded Help Sascha & Sabine raise money for Foot2Afrika

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in Moshi, Tanzania

Education for children and youths in Moshi, Tanzania. Benefits: school fees, support for orphanages, urgently needed supplies

S. Moebs
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About this project

We are going to work with Foot2Afrika ( ) in Moshi, Tanzania for three weeks in June/July. Sabine has been there already in 2011 and this year Sascha is coming along as well. We are trying to raise as much money as possible to take with us. You can donate without selecting a specific need with the big "Donate now" (or: "Jetzt spenden") button on the right or you pick one of the needs: school fees for some of the girls in the orphanages, support of some of the orphanages (for example Children of Destiny or Msamaria Home for Street Children), supplies for the schools and nurseries supported by F2A.

This year we will do some IT training, so the people in charge of projects, orphanages etc don't have to rely as much on the comings and goings of volunteers for updating their facebook pages, websites, electronic book keeping and communication in general.