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A project from e*vibes - für eine emanzipatorische Praxis e.V.
in Großlohra, Germany

e*camp - against capitalism and its gender relation

Saskia C.
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About this project

e*camp – against capitalism and its gender relation

Liberation from dependencies. (Self-)empowerment. Becoming independent and gaining opportunities for action. Overcoming domination.

Why do „gender“ and „sex“ exist in the first place? Where does the separation in “man” and “woman” begin? In our daily actions or in social structures – and are these fields separable at all?

Why are there social differences between genders? How can this gender relation outlast for such a long time? And how important is it for the persistence of capitalism? What is the relation between “women’s” liberation and general human emancipation?

We‘re interested in the question how value is linked to domestic work, identity to domination, queer theory to feminism, Marx to Butler and how we‘re connected to gender.

What are past and present reflections on these topics? Where do we see practical possibilities for change and how radical are they?

If you want to find answers to those and other questions together with us, join us at the e* camp:
Presentations, workshops, discussions, chilling in the meadow, open space, resting, eating, enjoying the sun, plenaries, self-organization, exchange, learning new stuff, dancing, reading, looking grimly or something different from all that.

Your participation, bringing up your own ideas and being respectful and appreciative to one another are as important to us as the already existing schedule.

Together we would like to create a place that is as safe as possible, as opposed to to the daily practice of discrimination, violation of boundaries and violence. Therefore, it is important to deal considerately and sensitively with each other as well as to jointly share responsibility.

- because we want to do something, but not at the wrong place. Because we want to move in a different direction, but not in a wrong one.

6–11 June 2013
Burg Lohra, Thuringia