Funded bereaved family members have lost everything

An aid project by T. Ahmadi in Sheerzad, Afghanistan

T. Ahmadi (Project Manager)

T. Ahmadi
catastrophic event
Two earthquakes (a 5.5 magnitude quake and a 5.1 magnitude aftershock) shook the province of Nangarhar in eastern Afghanistan early Friday of April 17th 2009 when everyone was asleep.

how sad a fate
The quakes destroyed 209 houses and damaged an estimated 400 houses in the Sherzad district. 21 people were killed more than 60 wounded.

no on-site help
Hopelessness is expatiating among this poor people in the rough terrain of Hindukush because still no humanitarian aid was given and they do not reckon on any support.

spontaneous assistance from betterplace
Widows and orphans and people in need will be pleasantly surprised from the prompt assistance given by volunteers from every corner of the earth!

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Location: Sheerzad, Afghanistan

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