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100 benches for schools in Faboula and Nounfra

A project from Schulen und Gesundheit für Mali
in Faboula, Mali

First goal is to deliver 100 benches for 2 schools in the south of Mali

L. Hartmann
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We have come into contact with Mali in the course of our professional activities in connection with the establishment of a mine. The situation regarding education, schools and health in the villages surrounding the mine was of great interest to us from the very beginning. Generally speaking, it must be said that the mining company has already initiated several projects, e.g. construction of a school and health centre. It is now essential to support the schools on a continuous basis, e.g. benches and blackboards have to be provided or renewed. An educational programme for teachers is also planned. The aim is to have all projects carried out by local craftsmen and to educate Malian teachers. In addition, it is a great advantage that Lutz Hartmann visits Mali on a regular basis, i.e. every six weeks and as a result, can organize and control spending. This means that 100% of the donations reach Mali, the schoolchildren and local inhabitants. Contracting is carried out in collaboration with the village commune and supports local economic development. Currently, we plan to furnish 4 classes with benches in schools in Faboula and Nounfra in the south of Mali. This means that approx. 20-30 benches per classroom are required. Each bench costs approx. 45 €, i.e. a total of. 5000 € (together with tables for the teachers and blackboards) needs to be raised. This is our first fundraising goal!