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The Development of Human Life - A Permanent Exhibition

A project from Verein zur Förderung der Gesundheitsfürsorge e.V.
in Soest, Germany

An Exhibition for everybody who is interested how a human body incurs and develops.

E. Göckeler-Leopold
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About this project

In the middle of the westfalian City of Soest an old bunker is transformed into a permanent exhibition hall and education center. The topic is the development of human life. In several rooms there will be presented the different steps how a humen beeing develops.
Beginning with the myths and stories how human life incures and a body develops. Female and male anatomy, the maturation of sperms the ovaian cycle, the fertilisation, nidation, nine month of pregnancy up to the birth of a child will be shown. There is also a focus on contraception and on the possibilities why women do not get pregnant.
The exhibition directs to children as well as to grown ups with different questions concerning the human reproduction. An education center will focus on special questions to this item.
Help us to develop, construct and to fill this exhibition with life!