Rails Girls Berlin - Free programming workshops for women

An aid project by “Ruby Berlin e.V.” (Ute M.) in Berlin, Germany

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Ute M. (Project Manager)

Ute M.
Rails Girls Berlin provides free web programming workshops for women. Our aim is to inspire more women about programming, to help them to make their first step towards a career in IT and to put their own ideas into code and products.

** Why programming? **
Our world is increasingly influenced by technology. We order food, books and clothes online, work with computer programs like Word and Excel during the day and use our smartphones to arrange meet-ups with our friends. In order to move from being a consumer to a creator and to build your own products, programming knowledge is essential.

** Why should more women learn to code? **
Computer programming is still commonly seen as an uncreative, uncommunicative and isolated profession. Many young women are deterred by that out-dated image and exclude a career in IT very early in their career decision process. In addition to that, there used to be a lack of role models like Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo!, proving that women can strive as computer engineers.
The ability to put your own ideas into code empowers women to create their own products or prototypes of business ideas. Basic programming knowledge also help to improve technical understanding and can thereby improve communication with technical providers or departments. Additionally, computer programming is a well-paid and highly flexible profession and therefore also very attractive for women.

** Who is behind Rails Girls Berlin? **
Rails Girls Berlin was founded in 2012 as a daughter of a worldwide non-profit organization and is since run by volunteers and a huge network of professional computer programmers.

** Why do we need your support? **
We believe in sharing knowledge for good. Therefore our workshops are and will always be for free. In order to create a memorable event, we need money to provide food and drinks as well as a room. To give our attendees something to remember, we also hand out stickers and buttons.

We are happy if you choose to support us and thereby help to introduce more women to the world of IT.

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Location: Berlin, Germany

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  • Our workshop attendees work in groups of two since small group sizes diminish competition and encourage communication and asking questions.

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  • This was our August Workshop with 80 applicants of which we could only host 41 due to money constraints.

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  • Unsere Workshops sind immer gut besucht. Unsere Teilnehmerinnen sind begeistert, wie schnell man die ersten eigenen Erfolge sichtbar machen kann.

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  • Programmieren zu erlernen braucht mehr als einen Workshop. Mit unseren Workshops helfen wir Frauen jedoch, den ersten Schritt in diese Richtung zu machen.

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