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Bikes for Ghana - Mobility and Education

Bicycles for Ghana – Chance for Mobility and Education

R. Nolle from WaBeQ gGmbHWrite a message

Activities of the Waller Beschäftigungs- und Qualifizierungsgesellschaft gGmbH (WaBeQ) , an organization for employment and qualification, covert he whole area of the City of Bremen. Its objective is to enable long-term jobless to re-enter professional life.
WaBeQ is a non-profit organization, structured like a business and acquires reasonable tasks that connect to competences, circumstances and professional ambitions of the target group.
WaBeQ owns a bicycle workshop with foremen, instructors and apprentices. Participants of the measure get acquainted with bicycle technology. Collected and donated bicycles get examined, repaired, made roadworthy and varnished here.

In Ghana school children quite often have to cover long distances by foot to get to school. Distances of up to 5 kilometres are not rare.
Usually people there are simple peasants who can only send one of their children to school. Especially boys often have to work at home and therefore are not sent to school. Bicycles can help the children to regularly visit school.
To minimize the hardship, the enormous amount of time spent on ways to school, the idea of the bicycle project was born
The bicycles will be shipped to Ghana as well as tools and spare parts.
It is intended to establish partnerships with schools in Ghana. The schools will appoint a bicycle warden who will take care of the donated bikes.
The warden will consequently be trained in servicing, maintaining and repairing the bicycles in order to start up an own business in a short time.
The children will receive their personal school bike which they have to get inspected at regular intervals. This way the bikes will not be sold right away or disappear for other reasons.
It is therefore our aim to build lasting partnerships, to establish bicycle stations at the schools and to constantly provide these workshops with “know-how”, spare parts and bicycles.
The project has been presented on site to regional kings and queens, to chiefs, teachers and headmasters. They all strongly welcome the project and the help it provides and agreed to fully support it. Further support we experience by the region’s MoP (Member of Parliament) Hon.Samuel Ayeh-Paye. Mr. Joseph Appiah, Director of Plan Ghana, as well as the regional manager of World Vision, local relief organizations that apart from other activities also work on establishing and keeping schools in rural areas find the project useful and have offered to work as on site cooperation partners. These organizations also stand for the sustainability of this project.
Each donated Euro helps us to realize the project.
WaBeQ as an official charitable organization and is entitled to issue donation receipts.

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