Blocked Wali's refuge for abandoned animals

An aid project by “P.A.W.S.” (A. Sreiber) in Visnjevac, Serbia

A. Sreiber (Project Manager)

A. Sreiber
Valeria (Wali) is a woman who loves and cares for the animals since she was a small girl. Now when grown up she has four kids of her own and lots of cats and dogs around herself. She lives on the countryside 20km away from the city Subotica that is close to Hungarian border.
Wali wants to help as many animals as she can. She started her own boarding house to provide shelter to many stray dogs including the ones who were rescued from the high kill shelters. You need only to ask and she will gladly step in to foster and care for animals until they find their forever homes. Many of those dogs play and sleep inside her house and receive much needed love and attention. When they are sick she carries them 20km to the nearest veterinarian and she never complains.
This year started very harsh for her – Wali’s mother died so she took her animals in her house as well. Due to the lack of vaccines two dogs died from distemper. One dog is ill from demodex again and above all few people who left their dogs at Wali’s boarding house stopped paying for their food and housing due to the economic crises, loss of jobs, etc. Suddenly all the problems fell on Wali’s shoulders and it is really hard to bear it all by herself. Other people would release the dogs back to the streets, but not Wali… not her. She is not surrendering, she wants to continue to help the animals, but she needs our help.
In this project we are raising money for the animals (12 dogs & 7 cats) that are not financially supported and whose existence is endangered. There are more animals in Wali’s household that won’t be mentioned here because responsible people pay regularly for the livelihood of dogs they brought to her boarding house.
Primarily we need food, then medicament (fleas and tick control, deworming tablets), money for vaccines, spaying and fixing dog houses and wired fence. Also for Keanu as a special need dog we need diapers and bandages.
Please read all about the animals in our blog posts, check out the photos and follow the updates in our group:

Any amount counts and helps!

Thank you!

***This project is maintained by Andrea S. in front of non-governmental organization "Pets Are Worth Saving" from Subotica, Serbia.***

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Location: Visnjevac, Serbia

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