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Closed Child Rescue Kenya

A project from Child Rescue Kenya
in Kitale, Kenya

Fighting poverty through education. Children who access education are able to break the cycle of poverty for future generations. CRK works to help children return home from the street and prevents other vulnerable children from entering street life.

E. Mochoge
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About this project

As our name suggests CRK's focus is Child Welfare in Kenya, though in a very broad sense. We run and facilitate a variety of projects that are key to protecting children, empowering families and promoting children's rights and, helping to steer communities in Kitale, Kenya towards a more just and caring future.

We particularly focus on street-connected children and their families. CRK runs a street-based drop-in centre where we build trusting relationships with children on the street and facilitate their return home via our Rescue Centre at Birunda. Those children with complex cases who cannot return within a year are taken to a longer term residential centre in Liyavo where they can access school.

Education is fundamental in preparing children and youth for independent and dignified futures and is key to ensuring meaningful participation in a democratic system.

CRK intends to prepare all the children we come into contact with the necessary skills to enter formal education at an age appropriate level. To this end we use a variety of means and tools to enthuse adults and children alike.