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Simien Mountains School + Health Project

in Simien Mountains, Ethiopia

Make a difference on the ROOF OF AFRICA

Tom Z.
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About this project

The Simien Mountains are considered The Roof Of Africa.
This part of Northern Ethiopia is an extremely poor area.
In 2013 C•A•N visited the Simiens and found the Simien Lodge (the highset hotel in Africa) which is doing remarkable work to benefit the people of the region.
Here is the film:

C•A•N has supported these endeavours since.

As part of our CAN-Xmas Campaigns we offered SCHOOL BENCHES as a unique and change-making Christmas Gift. We always tag the BENCH with any NAME the giver likes and send that picture.
Many of you have participated and together we were able to provide more than 50 new school benches in 3 different school.
HERE is the Film:

NOW we have some SPECIAL:

Usually, in all our C•A•N Campaigns, 100% of all donations go to the designated projects.

But this time it is different.
Your donation will be multiplied by four.
Yes, that’s 400% going to a worthy cause.

Here’s how it works: Whatever amount you give (up to 500€) - we will double it up out of our LET-LOVE-RULE-FUND. This fund was created by our most generous supporter, HANS SIGL.

Then, whatever amount we send to Africa - our project partner there - the SIMIEN LODGE - will double it again. 
So for example a €50 donation becomes 200€, and so on. 

Let's make a difference on the roof of Africa - because TOGETHER WE C•A•N

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