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eurucamp 2013

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eurucamp is an international tech-event at Berlin's Müggelsee. We want to bring programming novices together with the great Ruby scene to learn and have fun.

Thilo U. from Ruby Berlin e.V.Write a message

eurucamp is an international tech-event from Berlin. To bring the joy of programming to people, we combine a conference with various workshops, including joint Rails Girls workshop for beginners. Both the organisation and the content of the event is a product of the efforts of dozens of volunteers from the European Ruby scene. It is truely a community event. eurucamp will take place this year at Berlin’s largest Lake, the Müggelsee. Our unique schedule will not only enable participants to learn a lot about Ruby and programming, but will also give participants time to enjoy the sunny weather with outdoor activities. To make that all happen and allow us to bring programming novices together with the great Ruby scene we still need some financial support.

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