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Shelter Alina - Tscheljabinsk / Siberia, Russia

A project from Tierschutz Russland e.V.
in Tscheljabinsk, Russia

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S. Korths
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About this project

Alina is a teacher and animal rights activist from Chelyabinsk / Russia and has taken care of street dogs for years, unfortunately its getting more than less. 
At the moment there are ca. 80 dogs and about 30 Cats at her shelter. 

We try to help Alina to get the animals of the streets and to keep them save and well. 
Finding new homes in russia for the animals is impossible because they might end up without home again, mistreated or shot.

In the mean time Alina has kept her animals on different areas and try to take care of them as good as possible. Alina cannot afford this from her humble teacher's fee, so she urgently needs some financial help to be able to give those poor animals a new home.

The situation for animals in Russia is more than pitiful. Tens of thousands of animals lead a deplorable life under miserable conditions on the streets, an existence which simply cries out for our help.
There is no real background in this country for the idea of animal protection.  Often the measures taken are archaic, such as setting a bounty. In particular disabled stray animals are the poorest of the poor, their daily life always a fight for survival, suffering physical and psychological pressure and maltreatment.

We cannot simply ignore this terrible situation and in our view, the animal welfare groups in Russia should not be left to try to bring about changes by themselves. Are we supposed to wait until this happens?  Should we leave these poor creatures to their fate and misery? No, we can’t do this!

We are therefore supporting the animal welfare organizations and animal homes in Russia with food, castration and other medical treatment and in general for an improvement of living conditions for stray animals and possibly finding new homes for them. All persons involved give their time on a voluntary basis and are financed predominantly by private means.

Please help us. Animal welfare is also human welfare and contributes positively to the future.

Please help Alina with a donation, so she can give these animals a safe new home. Help Alina to change the situation in her country. There are still not enough local people who are commited to animals' rights, so we need your help first. Thank you very much for your kindness and donation.