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Funded Donate water - drinking water in Ghana!

A project from Technik ohne Grenzen e.V.
in Kato, Berekum, Ghana

In this project Technology without Borders e.V. creates a simple, well designed and sustainable drinking water system, which can achieve humane water supply for about 15,000 people in Kato.

J. Schlund
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About this project

Kato is a relatively poor community of about 15.000 inhabitants in Brong-Ahafo Region, Ghana. We are working on the issues water and waste. Our goal is to implement a holistic project, addressing all of the issues preventing the people of Kato from access to clean drinking water.

Especially in dry season water supply is scant and the water quality is insufficient. The aim of our project is to guarantee the supply of portable water.
On the one hand TeoG wants to improve existing infrastructure. Therefore TeoG tries to regenerate the 30-years-old boreholes in the village. Over the years dirt and dangerous bacteria congregate in the filter zone. With the help of a professional cleaning chemical for wells, the boreholes get germfree and renewed again.
On the other hand TeoG prepares for building at least one well in the biggest schools of Kato, as existing boreholes don't satisfy the villagers demand for water. The well is going to be built after the example of a Ghanaian engineer´s private well and includes an electric pump, a deep tank and the necessary pipes. The advantage of this concept is, that it's not dependant on the fluctuating electrical power supply. Even during a power breakdown running water supply is guaranteed thanks to gravity. As soon as electrical power is available, the tank will be filled again.

The second topic is the increasing amount of waste, which is a rising problem everywhere in Ghana. It is the main reason for the contamination of water in general. TeoG plans to arrange contacts to regional waste recycling companies, to set up a system of waste management in Kato and to provide the schools with bins. In order to guarantee sustainability education is the most important tool. We try to make people aware of the link between unpurified water, bacteria, and disease and the impact their waste has on their drinking water and environment. Our main idea is that only by educating school children a sustainable improvement of the situation can be achieved.

Our first realization phase in October 2013 was successful. We regenerated old wells, went to most of the schools and started our education program.

Next spring, when Teog visits Kato again, the new well is going to be built. We will revise and deepen education on the water-waste connection. Besides we plan to provide schools with material on this issue, so the pupils can be educated continuously.

"Clean water is a human right," according to UN Resolution 64/292, which was passed on 28th July 2010. Our goal is to provide this right to disadvantaged communities.
We appreciate any financial support and are still in need funding to provide the people of Kato with clean, healthy drinking water.