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Pickup (car) for social work out on the streets

A project from Estrellas en la Calle
in Cochabamba, Bolivia

The foundation “Estrellas en la Calle”, an aid project in Cochabamba/Bolivia needs a car in order to be able to continue the work with children, adolescents and their families, who live in extreme poverty or have to live on the streets

M. Schwägerl
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About this project

The foundation “Estrellas en la Calle” is an aid project in Cochabamba/Bolivia in favour of children, adolescents and their families, who live in extreme poverty or have to live on the streets and are highly endangered by drug addiction, abuse, prostitution and domestic violence. The foundation pays attention to human beings on the fringes of society, who often come from broken families.
As a private non-profit organisation, “Estrellas en la Calle” is officially approved by the state of Bolivia.

The foundation “Estrellas en la Calle” is comprises the following four projects:

“Coyera” directly works on the streets with children, adolescents and young families, in order to procure trust, respect and acceptance in the context of personal conversation / workshops and to motivate them to leave the life on the streets behind.

“Wiñana” is the second step after “Coyera”, in which those who no longer live on the streets are accompanied on their way to reintegrate into the society: they are provided with support if they are looking for an apartment and a job, if they are trying to give up habits like e.g. drug consumption, violence and criminal offences and if they need help regarding crisis management or in case of relapses.

“IntiK’anchay takes care of children and adolescents coming from difficult living conditions and deprived backgrounds, who - without this support - would be highly endangered of leaving their homes for living out on the streets. Preventive activities are e.g.: school assistance, homework done under supervision, regular meals, promoting the need for hygiene, organizing meaningful free-time activities and promoting skills regarding music, arts, and physical training.

“Fenix” promotes und stimulates infants who live on the streets with their parents regarding their linguistic competence, motor nerves and intellectual development (kindergarden / preschool and day nursery). Furthermore, young mothers are trained for correctly handling their babies and infants.

For the Project “Coyera” of the foundation “Estrellas en la Calle” a car is needed for the work with the children and adolescents on the streets of Cochabamba (Bolivia). A pickup would suit this kind of work best, because it is indispensable for the social work out on the streets:

• It’s necessary to get the children and adolescents living out on the streets out of their familiar surroundings, e.g. to reduce their drug consumption.
• The foundation takes care of up to 150 children/adolescents. Public means of transport are too expensive. Moreover, these children/adolescents aren’t well respected and therefore the drivers often refuse to give them a lift.
• Outlying areas and places (homes, sports fields, apartments, etc.) in the outskirts of the city have to be reached.
• The whole foundation has to be as flexible as possible regarding the dynamic street work – also in order to save time and money.