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Capoeira 'Response' in Syrian&Palestinian Camps

A project from Capoeira4Refugees
in Refugee Camps, Syrian Arab Republic

Capoeira Emergency Response in Syria and Palestinian Refugee Camps to provide psychosocial support to children and youth living in areas of conflict, humanitarian crisis or in similarly vulnerable situations.

Tarek A.
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About this project

Hope you are well!
Bidna Capoeira want to start social projects with Syrian Refugee in the Camps in the Bekaa Valley, Lebanon. 

There is a lot of need out there and we are developing a programme to help also with a 'Capoeira response'.
Bidna Capoeira needs YOUR support for our work improving the lives of traumatised children through the Brazilian sport and art-form of capoeira.

Our projects help children and young people in fragile, fractured communities break cycles of violence and improve their educational performance by expressing themselves through music, dance and movement.

Any gift can make a big difference to our work, but a regular gift helps us to plan better for the future.

We do provide tax receipts.

It is great to be giving that hope to these children, but we still need more funding to secure its future. If you were able to help Bidna Capoeira, some little regular donations would be a huge help so we can continue to spread Capoeira in the Camps. Please also share this with your network and If you have any idea's please let us know!

Also, we've been pretty busy since we met helping set up our new office in Palestine, each time we go there we are struck by what a desolate conditions the people are living in. So, it is good news for them that Bidna Capoeira have a new permanent office! 
Our very first capoeira workshops have started in Ramallah area at the beginning of March, this year we are planning to reach 620 vulnerable Palestinian children. 

Please help!

Founder Bidna Capoeira 
“It's like we're in prison here, and when you come to do Capoeira it's like someone came along with the key, opened the door and let the kids out for a couple of hours" Abu Khamis, Mukhtar (village leader) of Khan al-Ahmar Bedouins, Area C, West Bank, Palestine summer 2011. 

This project is supported by the Maecenata Foundation, Munich/Berlin: