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An aid project by “Deutsches Medikamentenhilfswerk action medeor e.V.” (B. Brieden) in Togo, Tanzania

B. Brieden (Project Manager)

B. Brieden
Dear betterplace community!

I support the work of action medeor as an ambassador since 2003. During my travels through africa, I had the chance to see the powerful work of medeor. At the moment I'm fighting with medeor against Malaria.

On my last travel with action medeor I visited Tansania to learn about the combat against Malaria. Only here I did learn about the fact that more than one million people die each year in Africa from Malaria - mostly children. I was surprised to hear, that the successful therapy of each patient only costs €1. It is absolutely essential to further extend the possibilities for prevention and therapy. For reaching this purpose I would like to enlist people's help.

To rescue a person's life only a small sum is needed. The best protection against an infection with Malaria is a mosquito net. An impregnated mosquito net costs €5. It offers protection for up to four children.

Many people in the remote villages are still not sufficiently aware about the health threat from Malaria. Medeor supports promoters, who sensitize the people in the villages accordingly.

Medeor also convey the plantation of the medicinal plant Artemisia Annua. From this plant the most effective remedy against Malaria is extracted. The plantation as well as the production happens locally. Medeor strengthens with this also the local structures providing new jobs.

Dear betterplace-user, your help catches on - for this I give you my word. Please support the utmost concern of action medeor!

Anke Engelke

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Location: Togo, Tanzania

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