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At Last, Patricia has done a successful surgery

A. Ekeanyanwu
A. Ekeanyanwu wrote on 29-04-2009
In 2007, we informed you of an ailing young mother of twins who needed an urgent surgery. We were amazed at your response and received the initial donation from Brehm Andrea and Klara Maria H. Then an organisation Johann und Anny Thomas Stiftung in Hamburg offered to pay the rest of the bill. Since then, there has been one health problem or another inhibiting the surgery. At last, Patricia was in a reasonable stable condition to undergo the surgery. The surgery has been done and it is successful. We thank our donors who made this possible and Dr. Adeniyi who did the operation and has been very supportive in caring for Patricia. Multiple Childbirth Support Foundation is so relieved and happy that the operation is successful and that Patricia is well again. On her part, she is excited and grateful to all who made it possible for her to regain her health. Once again, Betterplace Organisation has made the world a better place for Patricia and her family to live in. Thank you all.
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