Funded pigs for the family of little Bunny

An aid project by G. Falkenstein in Calamba, Philippines

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G. Falkenstein (Project Manager)

G. Falkenstein
Hello everybody,
at first I want to say sorry for my English - but it's not my mother-tongue.

In another project we beg for your help to build a new home for our sponsored girl Bunny.
Her father is jobless, so they have no regular income. He sells some vegetables which he plants and harvests near the river. They live in a slum near Manila (Philippines).
They have a big wish: to feed young pigs and sell them 6 months later. That would bring a good income for the family. Filippinos love "Lechon".

We are planing to sponsor - with your help - 2 youngs pigs. After feedings and selling the family could buy again young pigs and feed them and so on....
So that would be the start to a lasting help.

More information:

Location: Calamba, Philippines

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