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Closed - create with us a culture of giving

ecobasa - building bridges between people and communities

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If you prefer a visual presentation of our project, check out our video in "News"!
ecobasa brings together offers and needs on a gift economy basis. We facilitate the communication and mutual support between people and sustainable communities and assist the exchange of knowledge, services and resources. .

Our goal for next year is to become self-sustainable and this step needs an investment. We ask for support from people that believe in our vision to continue our work!

We believe in the sustainability of gift-economy, because it creates supportive relationships, empowers people to search for solutions for their needs and creates a culture of trust and support.

ecobasa creates opportunities where all these people meet, share and experience the power of gift economy:

- Community-Tours: traveling groups visit ecovillages and other sustainable communities worldwide, bring products, resources and experts to help them with their projects. The hosting communities offer food, accommodation and a great learning experience. Here you can check out the tours from this year:

- Since last year we've been co-organising Communities Convergences one week long networking events, entirely based on gift-economy that connect people and communities to create regional networks.

- Gift economy auctions: a fun and practical way to find answers to your wishes by activating the group's untapped resources.

On members can create pages for their projects, list their skils and interests on their profiles and find matches for their needs. With this platform the gift caravans and convergences can be self-organized all around the world.
You can check out the first prototype here:

ecobasa team
The idea of this project was born 4 years ago. Since 1 year we are a dedicated team of 5 people who meet regularly in Berlin. We have a lot of creative ideas about how to grow the network online and offline, locally and internationally.
We invest our time, knowledge and energy on a voluntary basis and see this as our gift, our contribution to the world.

In 2015 we plan to:
- develop the online platform until we have a beta version
- offer support for communities and pioneers to create accounts so people can find out about each other's offers and needs
- strengthen the collaboration with existing networks, like GEN,, Project Nuevo Mundo and caravans like Comun-Tierra
- grow the network by helping the organization of community-tours and communities convergences.
- host a hackathon for programmers as a first step towards making an open-source community
- share the gift of giving in different events

If you see the value in our work, this is your chance to be part of it.
Support us! And join the gift economy movement!