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New scout house

Stuttgart, Germany

We are the local scout group "Feuerreiter" from Stuttgart, Germany and collect money for our new scout house, so that we can continue with our youth work.

J. Varsami from Bund der Pfadfinderinnen und Pfadfinder e.V. Stgt.
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By the end of february 2013 we had to leave our scout house for the fourth time since our group was founded. Fortunately the city of Stuttgart leased us a new parcel of land, but apart from a small tool shed there is nothing on it. This means that we have to build a completely new scout house, i.e. one room for group meetings, one room for our tents, canoes, tools, kitchen stuff, etc and a toilet. A volunteer architect has developed a plan for a new house for us, so now there is just missing the money to build it. As this exceeds our financial possibilities we need your donation now.