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Solarcooker at Mount Kenya energy project

A project from Lernen-Helfen-Leben e.V.
in Gaketha, Chuka, Kenya

Solarcookers in the Mount Kenya region

Hans-Georg K.
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About this project

Mount Kenya Energy Project
An aid project in Gaketha/eastern Mount Kenya region

In Kenya most women cook with firewood or charcoal on open fireplaces or small stoves. This leads to deforestation as more trees are cut down than replanted. Fertile soils are eroded and the climatic changes have far-reaching effects on this country that highly depends on its agriculture. Collection of firewood is hard and time-consuming labour for women and children. And the smoke from open fires affects their health.

The Kenyan NGO Mount Kenya Integrated Community Development Organization (MKICDO) with its projects actively contributes to protection of the environment and assists people in the Mount Kenya region to improve their living conditions.
One of the projects planned is building solar box cookers.

Ingelore Kahrens taught at a Kenyan school in the 1980s and founded MKICDO together with a former Kenyan colleague. In July 2012, she brought a Lazola 3 solar box cooker to Kenya. Members of the organization tested it and were very positive about it. Therefore we are planning to have Kenyans build this cooker with local materials at the “Murugi Youth Training Centre” . In February 2013, I want to provide training to Kenyan craftsmen at the centre.
The cooker can be built with manually operated machines (guillotine plate shears, sheet metal bender) and tools and a box column drill. Most of these machines and required materials are locally available. For the initial funding we need approx. 3400 Euros. For our partners, however, it would be too much to raise this amount of money. Therefore we ask for your support.
Please, help us to spread solar cookers for the benefit of the Kenyan people and the protection of their environment.
Like Mrs. Kahrens, I am a member of the organizations “Lernen-Helfen-Leben e.V.” (L-H-L e.V.) (learn-help-life) and “Lazola-Initiative zur Verbreitung solaren Kochens e.V.” (Lazola-initiative for the spreading of solar cooking).
A receipt for your donation will be issued by L-H-L.

H.-G. Klaphake (responsible)

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