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Unterstützung traditioneller Heiler in Rajasthan

11 Kräutergärten wurden 2014 realisiert!

D. Giese
D. Giese wrote on 11-03-2015

List of Herbal gardens developed under TradAid e.V. Project:

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Guni Om Das HERBAL GARDEN Village- kadia, block- badgaon, Udaipur 45 KM
Guni Rupalal ji HERBAL GARDEN Village- totgarh, Block – beawar, Ajmer 220 KM
Guni Narayapuri HERBAL GARDEN Village- Barbadi , Block - Salumber Udaipur 110 KM
Guni Bhagvati lal HERBAL GARDEN Village- Morval, Block -Gogunda, Udaipur 70 KM
Guni Rupalal HERBAL GARDEN Village-Chileswar , Block -Mandal, Bhilwara 230 KM
Guni Hazari singh HERBAL GARDEN Village- Kachible, Block -Bhim, Rajasmand 65 KM
Guni Khemadas HERBAL GARDEN Village-Damana talab , Block -Jhadol,
Udaipur 70 KM
Guni Roda ji HERBAL GARDEN Village- Gejhvi , Block -Jhadol, Udaipur 85 KM
Guni Chena Ram HERBAL GARDEN Village- Galdar , Block -Jhadol, Udaipur 75 KM
Guni Chena ram HERBAL GARDEN Village- Solaria, Block -Gogunda, Udaipur 70 KM
Guni Dinesh ji HERBAL GARDEN Village- Balachi, Block- Nathdwara, Udaipur 65 KM

weiter so!
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