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desalination plant

A project from FEED THE HUNGRY Stiftung
in Lake Turkana, Kenya

Water is life. The Lake Turkana in the north-west of Kenia becomes more and more salty. There we plant a desalination for major trinking water dispenser in the arid region.

K. Runkel
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About this project

The African continent has played an important role in our work for decades. In the last three years, drought conditions in the Horn of Africa (Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya) have become increasingly severe. We, as an organisation, aim to increase our efforts to ensure that people get vital water. No one can eat the rice or corn we distribute uncooked. We are therefore planning to build a desalination plant at Lake Turkana. The plant will provide up to 100 litres of drinking water per hour. It will be powered by solar and wind energy. We expect a per capita consumption of three litres. This will enable hundreds of people to benefit from this facility. At present, we are planning a transport system that will allow us to transport drinking water in blue light-resistant containers to remote areas, so that more people can benefit. A plant of this capacity costs approximately 60,000 Euros, inclusive of transport, installation and training of operating personnel on site. Please help us to build not just one, but several of these plants. Access to water is essential to life and the basis of our food supply. Would you like to become a symbolic partner of such a facility? We want to invite you to sponsor a blue container. Buy a blue container as a symbol of your help to supply water to people in Africa. These containers are sold for 250 Euros each. Once 240 people agree to this symbolic gesture of buy a container, we will have the required money for the investment. As a sign of our appreciation we will write your name on the container and send you a photo of the people whom you have provided water for with your container.