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Closed Give a disadvantaged child a meal

Olives Rehabilitation Centre wishes to provide a lunchtime meal to a vulnerable children in Bombolulu so as to help curb issues of malnutrition and improve performance in school

M. Nyundo from OLIVES REHABILITATION CENTREWrite a message

My brother Steven and I are very concerned about the poverty levels in our neighbourhood .Around twelve years ago two small girls aged 6 and 8 years the children of a single mother, came to our house,looking for some peace through prayer. the following day the two girls returned with several other friends and they requested that we pray for them. After doing so we sent the away and hoped that God would answere their pleas in some way.Throughout the next few days as more and more young , neglected and desperate children visited us we couldn't help but feel that there was something more we could do to help these children ,the future of our community.
Olives Rehabilitation Centre is located in Bombolulu, wihin the North Coast of Mombasa approximately 5 kilometres from the city centre. The centre is ocated in the middle of a rural underdeveloped shanty town whre the majority of residents are from a very low income group.The community around is characterized by a widespread unemployment that has led to extreme poverty affecting the majority of inhabitants. A lack of adequate and affordable educational facilities in the area has led to high rates of illiteracy despite the countries free primary education law.
High prevalence of HIV and AIDS in the are which has meabnt that many children have grown up with one or no parents.The centre aims at providing a safe , secure, warm and comforting learning environment for these neglected and desperate children.
Over the years with dedicated work of the staff the invaluable support of our partners and along with the kind and generous donations from individuals we have managed to accomodate close to 500 children

478 children will benefit from literacy and feeding programme
12 teachers employed by the school receive sufficient incentives and stay on leading to improved literacy levels

Our greatest challanges are:
Food shortage:- we do not have enough food to feed the 478 children at the centre.
Financial constraints making extremely difficult to attract well qualified teachers and provide them with sufficient incentives to stay on leading to constant shortage of teaching staff.
Land ownership.Currently the land we occupy is leased out at a monthly rental fee.For long term security of the project it is essential that the centre purchases and owns land in its name.
Shortage of textbooks ,exercise books and other stationery