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Support of the Nice View Medical Centre (Kenya)

A project from Projekt Schwarz-Weiß e.V.
in Msambweni, Kenya

With this non-profit medical centre we would like to provide the needy people at the South Coast of Kenya (ca. 60km²) with a reasonable medical care Further information you can find here: THANK YOU

M. Dürr
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About this project


This according to European standards built and equipped hospital shall provide the needy people of the village (approximately 60.000 inhabitants) and of course also the children of the Nice View Children’s Village with a reasonable medical care.

The primary health care in and around Msambweni at the South Coast of Kenya is completely inadequate. Many people die, because they cannot afford medical treatment. And even if they manage to get hospitalized in a governmental hospital, the unsanitary conditions often still lead to death and not to recovery.

Especially pregnant women, little children and old people suffer from this shortage.

Further information you can find here:

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