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An aid project by w. wyss in Lombok, Indonesia

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w. wyss (Project Manager)

w. wyss
Mr Mahridin Amin is a young Indonesian. working as a waiter on cruise ships on european rivers. He is very gratefull for this chance and would like children from his native region to have the same possibilities in life.
Therefore he founded a private school in his village, where he teaches children of poor families in basic english and computer skills.
In a first step I have collected 3500 euro to give him the basic infrastructure (chairs. tables, computers etc.) He has now started teaching the kids and has at the moment two classes with approx. 50 children.
He needs about 300 euro per month for the regular expenses and I would love to help him keeping the school alive.
His new venture is teaching the local people using compost to improve the quality of the soil in their gardens. This system is not known so far in indonesia and would be a big help to people growing their vegetables and get their daily food. To start this he needs money for about 1000 so called polybags for composting, seeds, and the necessary tools for gardening.
If you want to know more about me, please go to
Thanks for your help and assistance.

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Location: Lombok, Indonesia

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  • Und hier sind die ersten Schüler unserer privaten Schule in Lombok, Indonesien.

    Uploaded at 27-09-2012

  • Das bin ich und als Reiseleiter habe ich den Initiator dieser Schule(Mahridin) in Lombok kennen gelernt.

    Uploaded at 27-09-2012

  • So sollte es nach erfolgreicher Schulung in einem Jahr aussehen.

    Uploaded at 27-09-2012