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Education Sponsorships for Kids in Kreuzberg

A project from elhana Lernpaten e.V.
in Berlin, Germany

We, elhana Lernpaten e.V. organize Sponsorships for children from structurally disadvantaged family backgrounds. Our Sponsors help the kids with school and lern the topics they have problems with. We are a non-profit organization.

Elhana Lernpaten
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About this project

We, the elhana Lernpaten e.V., are fighting for better education for everyone and self-confident children in Berlin-Kreuzberg. 

Our project supports kids in the area with organizing sponsorships. Our sponsors visit the kids once or twice a week to study with them at their house. Often our sponsors become mentors for a lot of topics in life for the kids. The don't just teach them how to use grammar and mathematics but also discuss wether to get a higher school degree or why it is important to invest in ones own education. Sometimes they also go on an adventure like visiting museums and things like that. The sponsors become examples for different lifestyles than what the kids know from home. Because of that, those kids sometimes chose to go to university afterwards because they have been empowered to have goals and work for them. 

Until now we supported more than 450 kids with our program and more and more kids want to join. 

Our mission is, to equal the differences between children with a lot of support from home and those with parents who cannot help them that much, because they don't know the schooling system or the German language that well. We want the same choices in education for everyone! 

To achieve this goal, we need your help, because our non-profit Organisation is just financed by donations. Help us to help the children in Berlin-Kreuzberg!
Urbanstraße 48E
10967 Berlin
Tel: 030- 284 289 67