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A future for the children - School aid in Rollberg

Berlin, Germany

Read, write, count! Children from underprivileged families are given access to German society by volunteer sponsors who help them doing their homework, and also take them on short trips.

K. Holme Nielsen from Förderverein Gemeinschaftshaus MORUS 14 e.V.
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One must face facts: Rollberg is one of the poorest district of Berlin, whose social situation is critical. However, we decided not to stay around doing nothing and do not take this situation as granted. The heart of the problem is well-known: how parents with a low academic level and a poor knowledge of the German language are meant to assist their children in doing their homework? Our answer is: “Netzwerk Schülerhilfe Rollberg” (School aid network in the district of Rollberg).

Since 2003, an increasing number of volunteers commit themselves for the education of the pupils from the Rollberg district and help them to get a self-determined life. We do not only provide remedial courses, but also try to broaden the children’s mind by arranging little excursions out of the district of Rollberg.

The key to success of this project is to contribute to the children’s integration in the German society. We try to develop the general understanding of the minimum expectations required to live in society, and potentially get a job in the future, such as be polite and on time.

Every week, the volunteer and the child meet each other and practice reading, writing and counting. 60 tutors are currently in charge of 94 children. This amounts to 20% of all the pupils from the Rollberg district. And it continually increases! The remedial courses are free for the parents.

In spite of all the success, the School aid network is since 2007 not state-sponsored anymore. However, if we want the measures to be sustainably efficient, the project has to show proof of temporal continuity. Due to the fact that the project has to supply to his own costs (to pay his way) , it works like a little company: if it doesn’t show ability to pay, it will soon disappear.

We also base our work on the civic commitment of the citizens, who have the will to make a better world. We act as a platform to allow them to achieve their altruism. Thank you vey much for supporting us!