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A future for the children - mentoring and tutoring in Berlin-Neukölln

A project from MORUS 14 e.V.
in Berlin, Germany

Stop the vicious circle of a lack of language skills, low education and unemployment in Berlin-Neukölln! Our mentoring project provides kids in the Rollberg district with future prospects. Help us to help them!

Veronica Kölling
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About this project

Berlin's Rollberg district is a well-known social hot spot. It is a melting pot for people from all kinds of cultural and social backgrounds. Unfortunately, high unemployment rates, language barriers and little appreciation for education are just some of the problems. Parents are often not able to support their children and many fail to understand why a good education is key to a successful adult life. Many young people leave school without graduating. They have difficulties communicating in German and lack social skills. Many are already defeated before they leave school and don't aspire for more than living off welfare. 

To counteract this hopelessness of a whole generation, we created the "Netzwerk Schülerhilfe Rollberg" in 2003: a mentoring project, which provides all children and adolescents in the district with free tutoring. Our many volunteers help the kids with their homework, listen to their problems, take them on adventures and explore the city with them. They show them a world outside of their families and the district they grow up in, show them different life styles, let them safely explore their interests and get inspired. They become their become role-models and confidants. 

Our projects are very successful. Since we started in 2003, over 800 kids have used our services. More than 90% of them have graduated high school (that's almost twice as much as the average in our district!), have chosen career paths that interest them and / or have studied at university. But most importantly: we have helped them broaden their horizons and strengthened them to make their own decisions in life! Instead of generally being perceived as "problematic", feeling defeated and hopeless, they are now productive members of our society! 

Our mentoring network has won many awards and prizes but in spite of our success, we are not sponsored by the state or any other political institution. We aim to remain independent in order to be as flexible as we need to be to help as many kids as we can. This is why we need you. Thank you very much for your support!