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our new garden

Berlin, Germany

From a dreary property is a haven created for the children.

Mario H. from Lolek und Bolek 2002 e.V. | 
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About this project


The association "Lolek and Bolek 2002 eV" rented a property for many years in the Thulestr. 47 of the German post office and used this as a garden for the entertaining of him Montessori - Children's House "Lolek and Bolek". Middle of 2011 expressed the mail to try to sell this and a Nachbargrundstück by the end of the year. Then expressed its willingness to gemeinnutzige Edith Maryon Foundation to purchase the cheaper neighboring property and to lease to the association.

As of today:

The Foundation Edith Maryon has purchased the land from the German Post. It also gives a verbal commitment of the new owner of Thulestr. To 47 at the day care center, the site until the end of March 2012, may use. This period must now use to transform a barren, like a concrete floor covered terrain to make a garden where children spend a significant time and happy childhood can.

To Do:

So far as is foreseeable result for the club and his supportive parents, the following tasks:

• degradation of the concrete floor and removal of construction waste
• Conceptual design of the new garden area
• planting
• construction of new sanitary facilities
• Transfer of existing and, where appropriate, new play equipment
Updated at 18. September 2020