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Search & Rescue Dogs

A project from Rettungshunde im Landkreis Osterholz e.V.
in Worpswede, Germany

Rettungshunde im Landkreis Ostertholz e.V. is a local search & rescue dog organisation and is a formally registered and approved charitable organisation, registered at local district court Walsrode Register No VR200353

Juergen Busch
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About this project

 We are 35 active members with 31 active dogs. 15 Teams are currently certified to support the police seeking for missing people 24/7, 14 teams are currently preparing for the certification. Every certification needs to be repeated every 2 years.
Our organisation is totally funded by membership feeds and donations, we don't get any sponsoring from the local authorities even though we formally belong to local civil protection. Every single rescue team trains 40 weekends per year in average (6 hours) + 25 times during the week in the even ing (4 hours) In addition we spend our time for training courses like first aid, first aid dog, search and rescue tactical eduction etc. Finally we are apprx 35 to 40 times per year involved in police operations seeking for missing people. Every team fund their own dog but beside that we require always support for our technical equipment like radio equipment, GPS and protective equipment.