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"RAISE - Garden and Training Center" in SUWAREH KUNDA / GAMBIA

A project from RAISE - The Gambian helping Hands e.V.
in Suwareh Kunda, Gambia

RAISE - LONG TERM PROJECT "GARDEN - and TRAINING CENTER" in Gambia in the region: North Bank Region Lower Baddibou District in the village of Suwareh Kunda with 1617 inhabitants

Amie Sambou
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About this project

Region: North Bank Region, Lower Baddibou District
Village: Suwareh Kunda with 1617 inhabitants

Project planning:
Ousman Barjo and Tijan Jadama from RAISE - Reaching Gambian Communities through Empowerment visited the village on January 5th, 2022. We talked to the people there about the big future project, then they were shown the land on which we will start growing fruit and vegetables.
→ Garden project (cultivation through to harvest by women and young people)
→ Chicken project (breeding by women and young people)
→ Hall project (workshops, training, meetings ...)

1. Project - growing fruit and vegetables
-> The field made available to us for these projects must be prepared in order to be able to plant the seedlings (already donated quantities available)
-> Train farmers, especially women and young people, in the fields of vegetables, fruit trees and the processing of the yields
-> The women and young people are provided with work materials so that everyone can look after their plants
-> Next we have to build a well to ensure that sufficient water will be available at these high temperatures