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Improvement of a village school in Angola

A project from Empowerment e.V.
in Matete, Malanje, Angola

The donation will support our school improvement in Angola. The money will be used to provide adequate educational opportunities for children and young people in the village of "Matete".

Mauro Domingos
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About this project

For the people of the village "Matete" in Angola a good education for their children is very important. Unfortunately, the school in the village dates back to the times of civil war, which is why the building and the equipment of the classrooms are inadequate: no desks, chairs or blackboards; holes in the walls and ceilings; non-functioning sanitary facilities and no playground for the children. 

For two years now, we (Mauro & Safa) have been collecting money from friends and acquaintances in order to advance the construction of the school. Mauro himself is on site for two to three weeks every year to actively accompany the process and to ensure that the donations are used wisely. 

In the meantime, the primary section of the school building has been renovated, equipped with school furniture and blackboards, and the outside has been repainted. The renovation was a great success. The joy and gratitude of the students, teachers and parents was indescribable. With the support of the school, the construction of the other school building is to be advanced. The other classrooms are to be renovated and equipped. Among the biggest goals in the future are: the refurbishment of the sanitary facilities, the installation of a drinking water supply, the electrification of the school through a solar power system and the construction of a break yard.

Step by step, with your donation, we can give the children and youth in the village a chance at education. Especially in the countryside - far away from the big city - access to education is the key for the future. 

Thank you very much!
Empowerment e.V.