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Humanitarian aid project with STELP

A project from STELP - supporter on site
in Beirut, Lebanon

"STELP e.V. - supporter on site" is a civil aid organization, that long-term goal is to sustainably improve the lives of people in need. In Lebanon, our team will provide homeless people with urgently needed food and sanitary products.

O. Hubrich
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About this project

Imagine living your best life,

Only to one day, wake up to your worst one.

A life where your salary is now equal to $200.

While your rent is $600

A bottle of milk is $23

A dozen of eggs are $24

And a box of Panadol is $34

A life where you get 2-4 hours of electricity per day, in 6 degrees Celsius weather.

So a home with heat really isn't an option.

A life so tough, that every 48 hours, you hear about someone you know commiting suicide.

Imagine living your best life,

only to one day, wake up to your worst one.

And though it's scary to imagine,

It's everyone's reality in Lebanon.

Your donation will provide medical prescriptions as most patients with chronic conditions like cancer & diabetics are walking out of pharmacies empty handed, having to skip their treatments, simply because it is worth their total month' income.

Your donation will also provide one decent daily meal to the people who have not eaten chicken or meat for months now.