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WarmUp - Kältehilfe 2021/2022

A project from Stiftung DOJO Cares
in Berlin, Germany

With our WarmUp cold aid we show simple ways to support homeless people this winter and organise direct help on the street. Our WarmUp-Line is just one of many ways to help.

Marija Stojanovic
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About this project

For 10 years now, ONE WARM WINTER has been campaigning for the issue of homelessness in order to raise awareness of the problems on the streets and to bring the concerns of homeless people to the attention of the public, to finance acute aid measures and to realise long-term solutions in nationwide projects. ONE WARM WINTER also shows what each of us can do to make a difference for our fellow homeless people.

With this year's winter initiative, we are showing simple ways to help the homeless this cold season. We are getting support from Joko Winterscheidt, among others, who is helping us to spread the word about the first Germany-wide hotline for the cold bus in your area: With 030-49-W-A-R-M-U-P you can bring people on the street into shelter. We've also put together an overview of how you can help out and directly support homeless organisations. You can find even more ways to help the homeless this winter at 
This cold season, we are once again working with a number of homeless charities to implement outreach activities on the streets and raise awareness on social media about the situation of homeless people.